Microsoft Azure Stack Alliance

Microsoft Azure Stack Alliance

IT alliance for the digital future

Your Multi-Cloud Experts

Azure Stack brings the comprehensive Microsoft Azure Cloud to your data center. It offers our customers new ways to further develop their business and arm themselves for the digital future with the first true hybrid cloud solution.

Trust on the many years of experience of your multi-cloud experts from Tec Networks GmbH and BORDONARO IT GmbH & Co. KG for the best possible consultation and implementation of your individual Azure Stack solution.

Our Background

We have been developing managed products and delivering them to our customers from data centers around the world from the very beginning. As a Microsoft SPLA vendor, we merged our hardware with Microsoft products and data center capabilities into managed service products, qualifying us to rapidly and successfully position ourselves on the market.

With solid customer growth, we have tied up more and more capital and increased depreciation on assets. We needed a solution because this situation initially blocked our growth. Our business strategy has changed significantly with the announcement of Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine IaaS Services, eventually evolving into a cloud-first company.

In 2014, we signed our own EA and began selling Azure resources as MSP to our clients. In 2016, we signed our contract as one of the first direct CSP Tier 1 providers for Microsoft. Azure and Office 365 are today our key products and base for all our managed services products.

Thanks to our strong multi-cloud expertise, we became a member of the “Microsoft Cloud Excellence Circle 2017” and hold the “Gold Cloud Platform” competence. With the Azure Stack Alliance, we now offer our clients strong cloud computing expertise and years of managed services experience for best-in-class Azure Stack consulting and technical support.

Dino Bordonaro

Dino Bordonaro

Björn Steinecke
Tec Networks GmbH

Bjoern Steinecke

Daniel Juhnke
Tec Networks GmbH

Daniel Juhnke

Azure Stack Consulting & Training

Rachfahl IT-Solutions, the third Azure Stack expert, professionally covers the part of training and consulting. The dedicated team of Rachfahl advises the customers competently through years of it experience and a great expertise. As a result, the Azure Stack Alliance is best placed to meet the most diverse requirements and challenges of Azure Stack with Tec Networks, BORDONARO IT and Rachfahl IT-Solutions.

This is how we operate

  1. Recording of your key data
    Our Azure Stack Operators work with you to gather all the important information about your existing infrastructure.
  2. Onboarding into our Operation Center
    Our Azure Stack Operators bring your stack into the standardized support environment.
  3. Project deployment and support
    We support you in the complete transformation project of the planned hybrid cloud solution from IaaS to PaaS.
  4. Update and maintenance process for your Azure Stack
    We’ll keep your Azure Stack deployment up-to-date. The updates sharing policy is important for production support and performance of your workloads.


Dino Bordonaro

General Manager