Microsoft Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure Stack – The only platform that combines Public and Private Cloud

Keep the balance between flexibility and control over your apps with us and Microsoft.

Flexibility, productivity and security in one solution

Every business needs a flexible and productive environment to deliver applications and workloads quickly, purposefully and easily. Microsoft Azure is the public-cloud environment of choice for many to build modern architectures and modernise existing apps.

This is not always the only correct solution. For regulatory or technical reasons, many companies prefer to continue to operate applications in rented or proprietary data centres (on-premises).

Unfortunately, this brings many disadvantages to the cloud strategy so that on-premises other tools are being used than in the Public Cloud.
Developments and maintenance therefore require a great deal of special know-how and become unnecessarily complicated.

That’s over now!
Now you can define the rules for your cloud usage yourself – with Microsoft Azure Stack.

Microsoft Azure Stack is Azure for your own environment, whether on-premises or hosted in the data centre. Microsoft Azure Stack is based on Azure and connects both worlds, Private and Public Cloud.

The right combination of Cloud and Local Deployments

With Microsoft Azure Stack, you can extend Microsoft Azure into your data centre and benefit from consistent processes for creating and distributing innovative applications. You retain control of your data, reduce latencies and deploy workloads to your local infrastructure or the Public Cloud as needed.

Azure Stack can be operated completely independently or integrated into the Azure Public Cloud in a local data centre – the deployment paths are always the same. This way you get your individual Private Cloud, with all the advantages of an established Public Cloud platform!

Build on Azure Stack – if you want to moderately modernise your data centre environment, consistently expand your cloud strategy and drive virtualisation and automation.

Consistent app development environment

Whether apps run in Azure or in Azure Stack, you can build and deploy applications in the same way.

  • Same application model, self-service portal and APIs, common DevOps tools and automation features
  • Comprehensive range of open source technologies

Be agile and innovative as with a Public Cloud!

Run classic IaaS and PaaS services with Azure Stack just like you would do with Azure – but from within your own data centre.

  • More than traditional virtualisation: fast Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) deployments, powerful automatic scaling for optimal workload balance
  • Consistent PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) capabilities: for more hybrid deployment options and portability. Local execution of fully managed PaaS solutions, serverless computing, distributed microservice architectures and container management
  • Suitable for Edge environments: On-site computing power for individual applications, for example in IoT scenarios

Steps for a successful Microsoft Azure Stack project

  • Get to know the possibilities and functions of Microsoft Azure Stack in a workshop conducted by us – available nationwide and individually tailored to your company.
  • We carefully prepare your stack environment and define all parameters for an optimal initial dimensioning.
  • We define the services to run on your Azure stack.
  • We qualify your employees for the successful use of Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • On request we operate, monitor and maintain your Microsoft Azure Stack in different service levels up to 24/7.

You have the choice between own operation of your Azure Stacks or operation by us in your data centre, one of our 5 data centre locations in Germany or, upon agreement, worldwide (Managed Service).

Dino Bordonaro

General Manager