IT Quick Check

IT Quick Check

As in medicine, a second opinion is also obtained for important matters in the field of IT. Even if your IT is managed by another service provider, it is not unlikely that our experts will reveal further optimisation potentials.
Nowadays, IT systems are usually the most important part of a company. Even during the planning and implementation phase, good intuition and, above all, a great deal of experience are required to ensure that all systems and solutions run smoothly together, just like a good car transmission.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of good consultants these days, which is why you – the customer – usually have to work with an IT system that is quite not optimal, slowing you down and simply being a ticking time bomb of potential outages.

This is where we come in and apply our experience and knowledge from numerous projects to test each individual IT system thoroughly, looking to reveal optimisation potentials and minimising the risk for you.

We call this consultancy IT Quick Check which consists of the following components:


Our experts inventory your servers and clients and perform a series of automated tests. The recorded data is analysed and checked for possible vulnerabilities and optimisation possibilities.

We check your Microsoft IT landscape according to current Microsoft recommendations:

  • Inconsistencies in your Active Directory
  • Problems with your DNS name resolution
  • Quick check for IIS vulnerabilities as of v5.0
  • Quick check for SQL vulnerabilities as of v2005
  • Quick check in Exchange 2003/2007/2010
  • Check for weak passwords
  • Check for missing updates and patches


The inventory includes:

  • The complete Windows server hardware (without peripherals)
  • The installed software on all Windows servers and clients.

Basic Conditions

For the IT Quick Check, our experts need access to a workstation within the Active Directory structure featuring a remote desktop support that allows access to your domain controller. To do this, we need a user account that has full administrative rights within your Active Directory structure.

Our experts install a software agent on all servers and clients for inventorying the hardware and software. The scans can only be performed if there are no firewall restrictions on the clients and servers at the time of the scan.

We guarantee a confidential handling of your data, which will be documented in a non-disclosure agreement together with your order.

After the IT Quick Check has been completed, all data and data volumes handed over will be returned to you.

The result of the IT Quick Check provides you with a quick overview of the current status of your IT.

Your advantages at a glance...

  • More security in your company
  • Clear recommendations for the elimination of possible weak points
  • Targeted analysis of server services
  • Latest hardware and software inventory lists of your servers and clients
  • Minimum requirements for the use of the BORDONARO Monitoring System

The IT Infrastructure Quick Check is a good investment for you when...

  • You suspect problems in your Active Directory
  • Your Windows server(s) have not been checked for a long time
  • Your Exchange or SQL server(s) have not been checked for a long time
  • You are uncertain about the update status of your clients and servers
  • You do not have an up-to-date overview of your servers and clients


Dino Bordonaro

General Manager