ITQ basic examination

ITQ basic examination

The holistic view on your IT infrastructure and processes as well as the idea behind it help us to develop the end-to-end security of your IT landscape together with you.
The ITQ basic examination shows that you have taken the first important step towards verifiably secure corporate IT.

You receive proof of the present state of your IT infrastructure, including weaknesses and recommendations for corrective measures.

Is the IT security of your company really necessary?

Ask yourself (or your IT department) the following questions:

  • Is our corporate IT secure?
  • Do we comply with all laws regarding our IT?
  • Is my IT infrastructure set up so that I am exempt from private liability?
  • Can I prove that I have taken sufficient care of my IT system security?

If you are unable to answer all questions with certainty, the ITQ basic examination could be the first step in the right direction.

Field-proven safety testing, tailor-made for SMEs

The ITQ basic examination analyses potential weak points and risks in the shortest possible time. This status quo is presented and described in a detailed report in the form of a risk matrix. You will also receive detailed recommendations on how to resolve any security problems.

Should you have partially or completely rectified any problems discovered within a period of 6 months after carrying out the ITQ basic examination, you can have yourself checked with the Managed Security ITQ follow-up report. This in combination with the ITQ basic examination lays the foundation for certification according to ITQ 13 or ITQ 2020.


Dino Bordonaro

General Manager