Weak point analysis

Identifying and solving problems through weak point analysis

Weak point analysis, often referred to as ‘vulnerability assessment’, aims to compile as complete a list as possible of all security problems in your company. Because only those who know their problems can solve them effectively.

Snapshot of your IT security situation

In most cases, the customer is aware that security problems exist in his infrastructure. Weak point analysis is the right tool to identify and prioritise these problems.

A weak point analysis is always only a snapshot of the IT security situation. Therefore, the IT infrastructure should be subject to regular checks. For example, it is possible that a human error or the installation of software could lead to a new serious security problem once the vulnerability analysis has been completed.

During a weak point analysis, the system searches for vulnerabilities using automated and manual checks. In the first step, the automated scans provide a good overview of the vulnerable systems. However, the results must be checked for so-called ‘false positives’. For this reason, we perform a series of manual checks to verify the test results and eliminate those false positives. Upon completion of the tests, you will receive a report with all security problems found. We will give you a suggestion on how to solve each security problem. On request, we can also provide technical support for troubleshooting.

The most important objectives of a weak point analysis is

  • Increasing the security of your technical systems
  • Identification of weak points
  • Confirmation of IT security by an external third party
  • Increasing the security of your organisational and personnel infrastructure

Our weak point analysis - modular in accordance with customer requirements

For a weak point analysis, we offer the following modules, which can be booked independently of one another. To get a complete overview of a company’s security level, we recommend checking internal and external systems.

We perform a complete scan of your systems exposed via the Internet. Subsequently, the collected results are evaluated and, if necessary, further manual checks are carried out.

We perform a complete scan of your internal network systems. As in the S-INTERNET module, all results are also evaluated and, if necessary, subjected to further checks.

A retest should always be part of an analysis of weak points. The retest checks whether all weaknesses discovered in advance have been properly remedied.

Target group
Suitable for entrepreneurs and IT managers who want to know the security of their IT infrastructure.


Dino Bordonaro

General Manager