IT Solutions

IT Solutions

Because the right IT solution should be as individual as you are, we design each IT system specifically tailored to your needs.
Today’s enterprise IT systems are critical to the daily business. If a plant fails, the company can often suffer a great deal of damage. That’s why the right IT partner is so important.

Competence and fast response times are essential. With us you do not call a corporate call centre but reach out for your personal contact person who works with you on the shortest way to solve your problem, because IT support is part of our DNA.

In addition, we also offer attractive support packages up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including very short response times.

Our IT monitoring packages are of course included in these packages, because only in this way can we proactively see and prevent errors before they become a danger to your business.


A good data backup is characterised by the fact that you can restore the data completely and quickly in the event of an error. Only in this case the data backup deserves its name. The backup strategy is much more important here. Only if we know how long your data can be offline in a worst-case scenario, we can plan the backup for you. There are different solutions, whether tape backup, backup to hard drives and NAS systems or to our data centre, all these variants are on the table.

It is important to regularly check the functionality of data backup during so-called disaster recovery simulations in order to be prepared for the worse-case scenario.

In addition, it is always advisable to keep several copies of data backups. Here is a very good option to backup your data in our data centre as a second copy additionally to your local backup with the goal of keeping your data safe and at the same time reducing downtime to a minimum in the event of an error.

Peter Bödeker

We confirm their trustworthiness, reliability and competence and are very pleased to have BORDONARO IT as an IT service provider by our side.

Peter Bödeker – Schuhhaus Bödeker GmbH


The complete or partial outsourcing of server services to a data centre is becoming more and more attractive for many companies, as the cost of their own infrastructure is increasingly out of proportion to the outsourced operation. Another point is that outsourcing results in firmly calculable costs that give a company planning certainty on the cost side without “nasty surprises”.

We operate our own cloud infrastructure with our own hardware and software in the renowned data centre of PfalzKom Manet in Mutterstadt and, in addition to our standard products, can implement virtually any individual requirements, even those that are far from standard.

As part of our cloud services, we also offer you a disaster recovery cloud, which perfectly integrates our cloud backup infrastructure into your backup concept, whether as an additional location for your backup or as an emergency data centre in the worst-case scenario.


BORDONARO IT has captured our wishes, refined them with its own input and delivered a perfect product.

Dirk Becker – Vidano GmbH


Not only the selection of the right servers and software is important, but also the network infrastructure, which is the central nervous system of your IT system.

We see ourselves as an integrated IT service provider specialising in networks and site networks. It doesn’t matter whether you have two or two hundred sites.

From careful consultation to discussions with telecommunications providers, we are always by your side to help you design the perfect network topology and select the necessary components.

It doesn’t matter to us whether it is a cable, a Wi-Fi or even a VPN infrastructure. We are a competent partner in all these technologies with the aim of designing a network that is always available in a high-performance and stable manner.


All-IP and Unified Communication is on everyone’s lips. In this area, we rely on Karlsruhe-based Starface GmbH.

STARFACE is a German manufacturer of telecommunications systems and offers the right solution for every company size. The user-friendliness is just as convincing as the quality of their products and their many functions. A special feature: STARFACE offers tuning for telecommunications systems, which consists of various expansion packages.

Our experts support you in bringing your company’s telecommunications to a new level!


Nowadays it is important that you can quickly access your information from almost anywhere in the world. It starts with e-mails, tasks and appointment calendar entries, such as Microsoft Exchange, through to CRM or ERP evaluations and lists.

We create solutions that present your content individually, just as you need it. For this purpose, we use both standard interfaces and special developments, which are manufactured in-house in our own development department, with the aim of integrating your stand-alone solutions firmly into your daily work so that you can derive maximum benefit from them.


Dino Bordonaro

General Manager